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Seasons greetings from the herb and dye garden

Lady bugs in the fennel

More lady bugs in fennel

More fennel

Lady bug in the sweet basil
[Sweet Basil]


TR aka the-little-ball-of-fury
[TR aka the-little-ball-of-fury]

the Ubiquitious Basil Baby Blankets are frogged back to square-whatsits

Basil baby blanket with border post-frog

I put aside other knitting projects in order to finish the Basil Baby blankets before the twins go off to college. (They recently celebrated their 2nd birthday.) Going along fine until I started looking at other completed Basil blankets (on Ravelry) and realized that I had managed to knit up the borders (- count two – both sets of borders – ) incorrectly (backwards, insideout, don’t ask) and had myself a lesson in careful frogging. Now back on track and I may yet complete this project before the college going away party….