Spring, Woad and Weld: going to seed

Jack, through the back screen door. The cats are always looking for the door to spring.

Garden around late January, early February.

Still looks a bit bare.  Shortly after this picture was taken the Weld took off.

I haven’t written much about using Weld. From: A Dyer’s Manual / Jill Goodwin (ISBN 0-7207-1327-7)
“The whole plant above ground may be chopped and simmered fresh, or carefully dried for use during the winter. There is little difference in the depth of yellow color from fresh or dried plants but the range of greens is greater from freshly cut leaves and stems.” (p.63)

[Weld plants, pictures taken only a couple of weeks apart. ]
Goodwin also mentions that the the plants grow about 3ft before flowering.

And the Woad

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2 Responses to “Spring, Woad and Weld: going to seed”

  1. 1 Lynn D June 6, 2011 at 3:20 pm

    Your garden looks nice. Am trying to get mine going.
    and reduce snails and whatever that eats tiny seedlings.
    Have read about some other plants might also give blue, and
    when walking in the hills found an old legume tree that tried leaves fresh. (are there easy ways for fresh extraction?)
    Found info about a natural dye confernce in France , if you websearch ISEND found vidoe’s. Heres another neat site – http://barefootshepherdess.typepad.com.
    Am sorry about your cat.
    Be Well

    Lynn D

    • 2 jmjamison June 7, 2011 at 12:44 am

      Snails can be such an annoyance. They mowed down a flat of Sweet Basil one night. On the other hand they ignore Lemon Basil. Starting out the things they don’t ignore I put cooper tape and screen around the flats and they once in the ground some screen around the plant to slow them down.

      Will check out the barefootshepherdess – thanks for the link.
      Take care,

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