TInctures, oils, salves, more plant stuff

(Calendula salve)
As if the house isn’t a big enough mess what with the dye and other messy occupations I’ve been learning to make herbal salves. I’m lucky enough that there is a really knowledgeable herbalist, Julie James/Green Wisdom Herbal Studies who lectures at a local shop, the Green Man. Additionally I’ve learned quite a bit from the HerbMentor site.

(Plantine Salve)

Next to and mixed in my dye garden are a few medicinal herbs and things other people call weeds.  Plantain for example, makes up a good salve.

Rosemary and Lavender tincture.

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1 Response to “TInctures, oils, salves, more plant stuff”

  1. 1 Lynn D November 4, 2011 at 4:45 pm

    Jaime, thank you for sending this (is the date stamp correct of August 5th)
    is there a recipe? will check out the links to Green man. and see what have in yard (lavender, not great smelling rosemary,)
    hope have some calendua left, was eating some to see if help eyes.
    Be Well
    Lynn D

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